Notes On... F45 Challenge


I was 13 stone when I was 13 and used to smoke and drink milkshakes rather than go to PE. When I finally tried out the whole gym thing, my body was so unused to exercise that I ruptured a disc, got admitted to hospital and couldn't walk properly for months. Yoga has been my sworn exercise of choice ever since. Until I somewhat sceptically signed up for the F45 8-Week Challenge.

F45 is a combination of functional training, HIIT and circuit training, all packaged up in daily-changing 45-minute group workouts, where you burpee, bounce and maybe even beam your way around a dedicated fitness studio. Add to that meal-by-meal nutrition and a 45-point plan including things like hydration (yes) and sleep (very yes), plus plenty of support from the excellent trainers, and you have the 8-Week Challenge. Body scans and fitness tests bookend the experience, which results in a report about the changes in your lean muscle mass, body fat and your fitness.

Sounds horrible unless you're a total gym-head, right? But I loved it. I found it tough to stick to the nutrition plan (which included two-weeks without caffeine FFS) but I pushed myself harder than I've ever previously pushed and with constant support from the F45 team, my back got stronger with no scary twinges to report. I made friends, made muscle mass and improved my fitness by nearly 25% over the Challenge. And probably the biggest indicator that it's all rather worth it? I'm still going, which is easy to do however horrendous work is looking because from 6.40am (no, ta) to 7pm (better), there are up to six sessions a day, smack bang on New Street. Super female friendly, and it's actually made me better at yoga. (KD)

Get a £30 two-week trial at F45 before the next challenge begins on October 14.