Notes On... Giselle


If you’re not a fan of ballet, why not? Think it’ll be boring? Stuffy? Wrong and wrong. Giselle might be one of the most well-known ballets of all time, up there with Swan Lake and that Christmassy one, and with good reason. The unnerving storyline could give Get Out a run for its money in the betrayal stakes.

Birmingham's very own Royal Ballet has been moving, shaking and pas-de-chat-ing the ballet scene for *time* now and David Bintley's production of Giselle, which was first staged way back in 1999, is having a revival.

Giselle is a young peasant girl who falls in love with prince Albrecht, who's masquerading as a lowly villager. When she finds out he’s engaged to someone else, Giselle 'goes mad' with grief and dies. So far, so 19th century ballet. But as it turns to night, we meet the ghosts of the jilted brides, who target any man that enters the forest and make him dance. To his death. Pretty chill, huh? As Albrecht goes to the forest to mourn Giselle, she’s presented with a choice, to forgive or to avenge? Pretty tutus and a love story, yes, but this is far from saccharin sentimental.

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